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Bless the Lord,
Oh My Soul,
and all that is within me
Bless His Holy Name!
--Pastor Hampton
We make no excuse for things we have here, because God has provided.
Our help comes from the Lord.
He is our strength and guide:
Our history is God's story in progress.
About Us  (Cont.)
The History of the
Living Sanctuary of Faith
Church of God in Christ
On August 30, 1992, our Bishop Cody V. Marshall, Northern Illinois jurisdiction, officially inducted our
Pastor Bennie L. Hampton as a pastor in the Ecclesiastical brotherhood.

On July 11, 1998, fire destroyed our church structure but not our spirit.  God preserved our furniture and
important papers through the fire.  Pastor Hampton, Deacon J. W. Robinson, members and friends moved
the furniture to a temporary location.  July 12, 1998 our Pastor brought us together at the office of
Committeeman Eugene Moore at 6 North 5th Avenue, Maywood, Illinois.  He gave us words of exhortation.  
"We must go forward."  "God will give us joy and peace."  "The Lord has a place for us and He will make a
way."  Scripture Exodus 14:13-15 and II Peter 1:2-4 & 11-12 his text "Go Forward".

July 12, 1998 our pastor along with his wife Missionary Luberta Hampton found a temporary location at
Solid Rock Apostolic Faith Church, 1200 South 5th Avenue, Maywood, Illinois.  On February 7, 1999 we
moved to a new temporary location 4227 Butterfield Road, Hillside, Illinois.

Living Sanctuary of Faith
Church of God in Christ
701 Belleforte Avenue
Oak Park, Illinois 60302

Elder Bennie L. Hampton, Pastor
On March 5, 2000 the Lord blessed us with a place of worship at 5145
West Division Street, Chicago, Illinois.

At the end of the year 2000 we became part of District Number Eight,
Pastor Harold Jameau, District Superintendent and Missionary Barbara
Evans, District Missionary.

On Thursday, March 8, 2001, God blessed us with our new home located
at 701 Belleforte Avenue.  The saints got together, had fellowship and
prayer.  On Sunday, March 11, 2001, we had Sunday school only, after
which we cleaned the church and had dinner together.
On Sunday, March 18, 2001 we had our first morning service in the new church.  Our pastor's message was
"Don't Doubt God, But Have Faith".  Numbers 14:30.  Our visitors were Pastor James Young and Love
Community Church of God in Christ.  The Pastor gathered the Living Sanctuary of Faith family around the
altar, prayed and anointed us as we gave a sacrificial offering. On Sunday, April 8, 2001, Living Sanctuary of
Faith, dedicated our church as a family.  

We are thankful to God for our miracles, and for Him standing and working in our behalf.  
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